My Hero Is You, Mom

I don’t have an earliest memory of my mother. All I remember is that she was always there.

As a child, I had no idea how much she loved me. Because of her, love was to me as water is to a fish.

She was my protector, teacher, and greatest fan.

As our family grew, I didn’t understand how much she sacrificed to give that love to each of us. Now, I’m starting to.

She has given herself wholeheartedly to each role she has played.




Not every daughter can call her mother her best friend. I can.

She has left me an example which I will do my best to emulate.

Happy Mother’s Day. My hero is you, Mom.

2 thoughts on “My Hero Is You, Mom”

  1. My heart is melting for your dear mother. Her smile and eyes always seem to sparkle. You know them well and paid beautiful tribute 💝


  2. This is so beautifully expressed Katelyn! Thank you for sharing such tender and special feelings for your dear mother who I love and appreciate so much! You are very blessed to have her!


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