About Cathy

Hello! Welcome! I am honestly so honored that you have chosen to come here to learn more about me. I am normally a very private person, but I love connecting with other women and sharing the stories that make us uniquely who we are. I will start by sharing a little bit about my story and hope that sometime soon I’ll hear yours.

I always wanted to have children, but I entered adulthood with a fear that becoming a mother would mean that I would have to give up my own personal goals and dreams. I worried that I would be unhappy and unfulfilled staying home all the time with small children. I studied nutrition at BYU and after graduation landed a great full-time job as a clinical dietitian in a hospital. I married my high school sweetheart in the middle of my college years and by graduation we were already expecting our first baby. I was so excited about our new baby, but I was also excited about my career. I was torn. I managed to work part-time after our son’s birth, and then whittled it down to working on-call just one day a week. When our son was diagnosed with diabetes before his second birthday and I became pregnant with our second child, I knew that I was needed full-time at home. Truly, no one could take my place there. Not one soul. It was me. So, I let go of my career.

While it was hard at the time, I haven’t regretted that decision one bit. I have learned and grown and been more fulfilled in my motherhood than I ever would have been working outside our home. I look back at that time in my life and want to cheer!

Life has not been a piece of cake, however. We have had our share of challenges. I have what I call “the curse of the dietitian”, with children whose needs have included type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, failure to thrive, food sensitivities, and weight issues. I have been so grateful for my educational path, for it has been a huge blessing to me as I have raised children with these various problems. The most challenging things I have experienced as a mother, however, are infertility and being a caregiver to a child with severe depression caused by a brain injury. Those challenges, which lasted for more than a decade, are now thankfully in the past. I have learned so much through it all and my heart feels so much compassion for those who may be in the middle of their life’s most difficult challenges right now.

These challenges have been key in defining me as a person, but I am more than my trials. I also love to laugh and connect with others. One of the best things I do for myself is participate in a book club with some of my dearest friends. My books have been treasures to me and I draw upon them continually. I also love good movies and un-rushed time in nature. I love sitting in the mountains and just breathing in the beautiful surroundings. Occasionally, I crank up the music for a dance party or invite others to come and sing with me. Music is truly a healing and lifting influence in our family.

My typical day includes quiet time in the morning alone and then spending the morning with my youngest children. I have taught my children at home for the last fourteen years, utilizing online learning and local schools at times. I love mentoring and teaching my own children. I especially love the time I have right now with my six year old son and 18 month old daughter as they are such eager learners. They climb on me and jump around and tell me the cutest things. They also make a lot of messes and need a lot of correction and training. During lunch, we study the scriptures together as a family, which is a huge undertaking at times since the ages of our children range from 22 years old to 18 months. By then it’s definitely nap time for the baby and maybe even for me. I take the time to be still and meditate during this time; I would most definitely crash and burn if I did not do this. The rest of my afternoon is spent teaching and mentoring the older children.

I have seven children. Some are adopted and some came through fertility treatment. All of them are wonderful miracles and tremendous blessings to our family — and all of them have challenges. Living together with nine people brings a lot of fun and sometimes a lot of breakdowns. It can be so exhausting, but I have learned through my experience how to manage my energy and my time. I am in the middle of so much growth and learning; I love it and don’t want to be doing anything else right now.

If someone asked me what I do in my spare time, I would probably laugh. Is there such a thing? Maybe. Someday I might have more spare time. For now, I am completely at peace with embracing my season of mothering. I know it won’t last forever; I have already witnessed two children grow up to adulthood. I have to wake up very early to write because there isn’t time or enough quiet for writing during the day most days. If I could have an afternoon of spare time, I’d love a long nap, a long walk, and a good book — and for someone else to make dinner. Those special times are precious to me and they sometimes do happen. But, more likely I am home, gathering the children for dinner and just being there — right where I want to be.

This blog would never have happened if it were not for my dear friend and daughter, Katelyn. She amazes me in new ways every day. She has ignited in me the desire to reach out and connect with others about matters that are so very dear to both of us. Her enthusiasm, charm, tech savvy, and drive coupled with my experience and passion are a beautiful combination. I thank her so much for helping me to become the mother and the woman I aspire to be.

Welcome to our blog. I hope you’ll stay a while, laugh with us, and leave with a renewed passion for your own motherhood.