About Katelyn

The purpose of an “About Me” page is to tell you about myself, but listing my life events in chronological order would probably be incredibly boring, considering that I only have twenty years of life to my name. Also, because approximately 20% of my life has been spent practicing piano, sitting through music classes, doing music-related homework, stressing about music, or procrastinating piano practice. But I don’t like to be defined by my vocation or college major, so let me try this one more time. (Pretend that you didn’t read any of that.)

Oh, and my name is Katelyn, by the way. It’s nice to meet you.

I spent my childhood frolicking in green trees and swinging on a wooden playset, tipping my head back to see the purple lilacs behind me. I read books and played with the elves and Indians in my backyard, and hid with them when my mom called for me to do my math homework.

My older brother was a songbird and constant performer, so I naturally swore off music as his profession and turned to writing as my great love. I wrote small stories (coincidentally similar to whatever I happened to be reading at the time) and my mother nestled them among the classic literature on our bookshelf. I spent hours poring over writing method books and blog posts instructing me on world-building and character development. But over time, music won out and I fell in love with the piano, which I ultimately decided to study in college. (To this day, we still joke that my boyfriend’s name is Steinway.)

I love to read, but I can’t choose a favorite book because I love so many of them. I’ve found many kindred spirits in Little Women, the Book of Mormon, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

If you ever stop me to ask what I’m listening to, chances are it will be pop/indie music or sacred choral music. Owl City is a long-time favorite, but I love Tenebrae, VOCES8, and Millennial Choirs and Orchestras.

I love hot chocolate and ice cream and hate that I’m lactose intolerant. Most of my friends are surprised that I like ice cream, because I’m normally seen eating vegetables and other rabbit food.

Occasionally, I jump out of bed in the morning and start dancing like a happy early bird. Most of the time, I get out of bed like a disgruntled pigeon. 

One of my greatest dreams is to travel the world with my family, starting at Zions National Park (because I can’t get over my disappointment in not having hiked Angel’s Landing yet). South America, Europe, Asia, Canada, the Pacific, the Middle East – tastes, touches, sights, smells, and sounds – you name it. I want to experience it all.

When I’m not practicing, or reading, or writing, or stress cleaning, or avoiding my homework, or jamming to music, I can usually be found cooking something new, talking with friends, or trying in some small way to bring a little more adventure into my life.

Welcome to the blog. I hope that in me you’ll find a life-long friend and kindred spirit.