Hello reader! Welcome to Hungry Souls to Feed. My daughter Katelyn and I created this blog for you and others to come and connect and be inspired. We hope that you will be strengthened by being here so that you can tackle your daily stewardships with more purpose and joy. This blog is targeted toward mothers, but as you will see, one of the writers, Katelyn, is not a mother yet. It is about motherhood, but we agree that motherhood is just who we are as women. It is inside all of us even if there are no children in our lives.

We chose the name Hungry Souls to Feed because that is how we see the role of women and especially those women who care for others. We are keenly aware of the magnitude of our work to nurture and nourish souls and yet, we feel continually the hunger inside our own souls. It is not an easy balance to meet all of these needs and yet it is one of the most important skills of womanhood. We have to learn to meet our own needs so that we can give freely and abundantly to others. Women are like a vessel—we collect and contain truth, light, beauty, goodness, energy, and virtue and then we unselfishly pour it out to those around us. We have to keep on filling the vessel or we lose the ability to give—and that my friends, is what leads to sorrow. We find true joy in this process of filling and giving.

A soul is a body, mind, and spirit. We see these elements of our being as interconnected and vital. Each part affects the other and all need constant nourishment. This blog is about their relationship and how we can effectively and joyfully care for each one. If we can be better about accepting our bodies and caring for them, watching carefully our thoughts and feeding our mind with truth and virtue, and increasing our faith and spirituality, then we will be able to feel joy and feel the love that God has for us that He wishes for us to share.

This idea started months ago during our Sunday morning phone calls while Katelyn was away at college. She and I looked forward all week to that hour that we spent together, catching up and encouraging each other. So often, the conversation would be so fulfilling and joyful, that we would often go write down what we shared with each other. We would gain a spring in our step and a smile in our faces because of it. One day, the idea came forward that what we shared was really valuable and could possibly help others. What if it was a blog? The idea was electrifying. From then on she and I would share the inspired blog ideas each Sunday and we knew it had to become a reality. When the pandemic hit and Katelyn returned home we began to talk about it even more. We set a date to start—Mother’s Day. It was the perfect beginning.

We sincerely hope that this place will be a comforting and inspiring place for you to visit in this crazy mixed up world. We want your input, your stories, and your goodness. Women need each other. Imagine the good that we can all do—together. So, please, leave your comments and if you want to connect even further, email us at hungrysoulstofeed@gmail.com.

With so much love,

Cathy and Katelyn